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How to Care for Doodle Hair

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Doodles have beautiful, thick coats that can tangle and mat up easily. We understand that life gets busy, and it can be hard to find the time to brush out your fluffy friend. We are here to help! This guide can give you some helpful tips to make sure that every grooming experience is a happy one for you and your pet. Fewer tangles and mats on your doodle means their spa day at the groomers will be quick and relaxed. In between those grooms, here are some tips to help you take care of your doodle’s hair in the comfort of your home!

Tools You Will Need: These tools can be found at any pet store. Slicker Brush Metal Comb Coat Conditioning Spray

Bath Time: Let’s get one thing straight, dogs will be dogs! Mud happens, and sometimes your doodle needs a bath in between grooms. It is vital to your dog’s coat that it be brushed and combed through. Once the hair is wet you will see it bunch together in small clumps (almost like dreadlocks). When the hair dries in these clumps, they can very easily turn into full on mats. Once your dog is mostly dried off, a quick brush through on their ears, tail, head, and legs (the most commonly tangled areas) will help prevent any large tangles from forming. Using a spray on conditioner liberally on the coat can make this process easier for you and your furry baby.

Where and When to Brush (AND Comb): The most easily matted spots on any dog are head, neck, ears and tail. Using a brush first, brush through every inch to separate as many of the individual hairs as you go. A quick comb through after with a metal comb will catch any big tangles you may have missed. If your doodle has a difficult time handling brushing at home, start slow and in small increments with plenty of praise!Using a spray coat conditioner directly on tangles can help break them apart during brushing. A good rule of thumb for a medium length coat (roughly a half of an inch) is to brush once a week. If your doodles coat is longer than that then at least 3-4 times a week is ideal.

Health Risks of Matting: There may come a time where your doodle has become matted to a point that the only humane and safe option is to get shaved. A matted coat is heavy and pulls on the skin, it can cause a lack of blood flow to the skin and cause a series of issues. Once a dog is shaved, it can expose old wounds, bruises, sores, hot spots, parasites, and many other things on the skin that could not be seen under the coat. We do everything in our power to demat in NON-extreme cases and avoid shaving whenever possible. However, we need your help at home to make sure we will not need to shave your doodle unless that is the haircut that best suits your lifestyle.

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